A student at THIS major college fails assignment because Professor said Australia isn’t a country

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A college student was stunned to find herself receiving a FAILING grade after putting in so much hard work. Why? The professor gave her 0’s on the grading rubric because she had the audacity to say Australia is a country.

Australia, one of the largest and most beloved countries in the world.

Well teach doesn’t believe it.

This was at Southern New Hampshire University, one of the largest “E-Campuses” in America, giving degrees entirely online.

There is a happy ending however:

The student eventually got through to the DOCTORATE DEGREE HOLDING PROFESSOR of philosophy, who gave her a B+, but no apology.

The school is looking into it.


College is a good idea for some, but it shouldn’t be everything. Working with your hands is a good alternative and pays better too. If you get too much schooling, you could become so oblivious to reality that you’ll think Australia is not a country.

Source (VICE)


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