Largest Pro-Trump Facebook group was just Censored and the reason why should scare you

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Was it censorship? Or was it something worse?

The 460,000 fans of the largest pro-Trump group, the Deplorables, are asking this question.

Last week, fans noticed that they couldn’t post statuses, photos, or articles. Some believed Facebook had censored the group.

But slowly evidence emerged.

It wasn’t facebook censoring anyone, it was something far more devious.

According to Big League Politics, who interviewed the groups founders, the group was “SOLD” to new administrators. And no, these admins aren’t American.

They’re Eastern European, specifically from the nation of Fake News: Macedonia.

Hillary was actually right about this. The Macedonian “trollers” spend their days spreading fake news for ad money. One group, Ending The Fed, made international headlines in 2016 for writing that “POPE ENDORSES TRUMP” and other funky stories.

Were they in it to help Trump? No. They wanted to make money from all the ads. And ad money goes a long way in impovershed Macedonia.

Reports that these teenage boys were living a luxurious life were going viral last year. All from spreading lies about politics.

So yes, the Deplorable’s group appears to have been bought by a group of these Teens.

The only people who can post on this page are from such “reputable sources” as “Trump Fan Club” which shares links to sites that claim Hillary has just been served a warrant for her arrest ( she wasn’t.)

selling a facebook account to another user for money is not allowed in Facebook’s terms of Service agreement.


So what can you do?


Be careful of who you speak to online. The world is full of bad people. Report anything suspicious to facebook, and if you feel like you’re in danger or dealing with a Macedonian, contact the Facebook support desk.


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