Expert: Obama’s strange official portrait is 3D and has subliminal messages painted in

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Former President Obama and his wife Michelle unveiled their official portrait, but some art experts are questioning and highlighting what his eccentric portrait really portrays.

It broke with tradition, offering a painting of President Obama in a strange garden.

The artist isn’t without controversy.

Kahinde Wildey, the painting, has motifs, namely of black women chopping off the heads of white women.  (SOURCE)

Two paintings from 2012, depicting the Biblical story of Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes, began making the rounds online on Monday. In Wiley’s rendering, Judith is depicted as a black woman and Holofernes as a white woman.

Fans of the Obama portrait will recognize Wiley’s photo-realistic human figures, distinct colors and prominent use of floral backgrounds.

Where most of Wiley’s works were on a flat floral pattern surface (think wallpaper,) this painting appears to be 3d with several shades.

Obama, by choosing this controversial artist, may have been trying to send a message.

Look no further than the painting.

The shading has several figures.

What do they represent?

Take a close look at the picture.

Some say it reminds them of Homer Simpson hiding into bushes.

Does this Represent Obama being just another BUSH, fading into the bushes in the photo?

Others see pictures of “global” themes to showcase Obama.

Other more sinister interpretations show Obama as a member of the “deep state” conspiracy.

Some even say there will be recorders attached so Obama can spy on Trump. (KIDDING)

Mrs. Obama’s painting has additional shocking statements.

What do you think of the shadowing symbols?


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