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Satan in the church? This Church just removed a statue of Jesus for one shocking reason

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It looks like this Church doesn’t want anything to do with Jesus, or at least His statue. Is Satan afoot at this place of Christ?


It is with great sadness that I report the following: in 2007 Bert Baker who is a longtime resident of the Red Bank Community and a former longtime member of Red Bank Baptist Church created the hand carved the Sculptures that you see on the front of Red Bank Baptist Church. And for 11 years they have graced the front of the church as a wordless story of Christ’s life death and resurrection. Sadly on May 30th 2018 those Sculptures will be removed . The leadership of the church has informed us that by a majority vote the church elected to remove them. While that is truly sad and regretful -IT IS NOT THE REASON FOR THIS POST .The reason for this is because of the explanation given by the church in the letter as to why those sculptures need to be removed. It is both disturbing and sad that in a time when we are all needing to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to project and reflect His love to a lost and dying world, Red Bank has decided to single out another denomination as the reason behind the decision to avoid any real or imagined fear that they would somehow be associated with them AND to further insult the intelligence of an entire community who for 11 years never once has been confused about who RedBank Baptist Church is with or without the sculptures . Both the letter from the church as well as Bert’s response is attached in order to draw attention to the insults and prejudices aimed at another denomination -An act that is totally unbecoming of anyone who calls themselves a representative of Christ .



So why the Hell (don’t mind the pun) would they do this?

Simple. The statue was too “catholic” and was deemed an icon, and had to be removed.


Parishoners are enraged, with one local woman saying

I’ve seen it happen over and over here with traditional churches. Its why it’s dying. I see old Christians leaving the churches indefinitely because of shit like this. My mother was an organist at the church for like 30 years. She quit and hasn’t returned in like 2 years over this type s—.



So is the Devil at work here, or is this a good idea? Weigh in on our new Comments section!

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