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Hannity said to be “target” of investigation for this shocking reason

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Sean Hannity? The Fox News anchor and Doyenne of the Right? A Target of an investigation?

“Make no mistake about it, Sean Hannity is being set up for the firing squad, and they won’t provide a blindfold this time,”


So what’s going on?

What could cause such a situation?

Well,  Jerome Corsi, author of the new investigative book “KILLING THE DEEP STATE” says yes. 

Here’s why

“My sources tell me that the ‘Deep State’ wants to take Hannity out as a major media player. They see him as Enemy Number One, and they want him off Fox News, [and to] tarnish his reputation, and remove him as President Trump’s top media supporter,” Corsi alleges.

This is because of the Michael Cohen raid.

Never heard of Corsi? That’s not uncommon. He claims the Media is censoring him

Source: Newsmax

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