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Shock Poll: Trump’s approval surges past Obama and Reagan’s at this point in their presidencies

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The new polls are coming in, and they look great for the President, and horrible for the Democrats.

Lionized by Republicans, and seen by many as one of the best Presidents, Ronald Reagan had a rough road at the beginning. His approval rating was lower than Donald Trump’s at this point.

Reagan “lost” the 82 midterms, but the Democrats already ran the house at that time. Back then, Democrats could be considered Conservative, and voted with the President to enact many items of his agenda.

Obama was at 45% in June of 2010. The Republicans swept into control in November, picking up many red seats that Democrats occupied after winning on Obama’s coat tails in 2008.

Trump didn’t have many coat tails, and history does not appear likely to repeat itself.


TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies

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