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Blue Wave turns to civil war: Top Democrat loses Primary to no-name 28 year old in landslide

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A top Democrat who was in line to succeed Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democrats has just lost his primary in New York today, to a 28 year old no name.

He raised $3 million dollars and has ties to Democrat leaders and to Wall Street.


But all the money in the world couldn’t stop his opponent, Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Bronx Latina who ran as a Sanders style “socialist”

Her campaign was essentially run online.



Looks like the soul of the Democrats is now socialist.


The Primary was her hardest challenge. Beating Crawford was really her hardest challenge. Miss Cortez will easily win in this overwhelmingly Democrat district in November against a token Republican opponent.


The 14th Congressional District is one of the most liberal in America.


Crowley won his district in 2016 with 82.6% of the vote. The Republican who ran against him ran a close second against Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck.


But the Democrats let a genie out of the bottle. This Genie isn’t just targeting conservative Republicans. No, it’s targeting Democrat leaders.

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