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Bombshell: Trump threatens to declassify “Devestating” documents on Democrats if they don’t comply with his wishes

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President Trump is not amused.


With Democrats taking control of the House and investigations into his personal life about to take on a whole new intensity, he is ready to “fight fire with fire,” or usher forth “fire and fury” to paraphrase him.


He said that if the Democrats even begin to investigate him on top of the ongoing Mueller probe, he will simply release all sorts of documents.


Here’s what he is alluding to (according to the Post)

  • FISA Declassification
  • Declassifying Robert Muellers Probe documents
  • Declassifying Justice Department Documents
  • Declassifying FBI documents from 2016, namely the “Crossfire Hurricane” project, which Peter Strzok had to testify over.


So what will that do? Well, experts say it would undermine the Justice Department. So is this art of the deal tactics, or is it the “real deal?”

Only time will tell, but grab your popcorn, it’s going to get very interesting.

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