Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

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There is finally a new Speaker of The House and it’s good news for Trump

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It looks like Nancy Pelosi fended off all opponents and won the Speakership in all but name only.


She beat off a challenge by Marsha Fudge and other upset Democrats who wanted a new face.


How did Pelosi win?


She’s long in the tooth. She’s done so many favors for so many Congresspeople that nobody really had a shot to unseat her.


When the new Congress convenes, she will be the new Speaker.


But how is it good news for Trump?

Well, Trump believes that Nancy is so polarizing that his party can run against her easily in 2020 in Congress. The strategy worked in 2010.


Trump even jokingly said he’d help her win re-election.


But don’t think she’ll work well with Trump. She is a Democrat after all, and they’ve shared barbs in the past over all sorts of issues.

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