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Romney to vote for impeachment if “evidence” exists in quest to finally become President?

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Would Mitt Romney vote for Trump’s impeachment to become President himself in 2020?

Some say it’s something on the Senators mind.

Romney hasn’t been a fan of Trump’s at all. He said Trump was a phony, a fake, a con man, a fraud in a widely shared speech in March 2016. Trump went on to be President, and Mitt seemed to fade away… until recently, when he won in Utah to replace Orrin Hatch as Senator.

Romney admitted he didn’t even vote for Trump, but instead voted for his own wife in 2016.

“I wrote in the name of a person who I admire deeply, who I think would be an excellent president,” Romney told the local Salt Lake City outlets. “I realized it wasn’t going to go anywhere, but nonetheless felt that I was putting in a very solid name.”

Trump isn’t Romney’s biggest fan either.


So what would Mitt do if Trump was impeached by the house? If theres ANY Republican Senator who would be moved to impeach, it’s probably him. Him and maybe Ben Sasse of Nebraska. So that means 50 for impeachment, and 50 against it. If that happens, Trump stays (it happened during the Clinton impeachment trial, you need 66 to remove a President.)


But Mitt’s said nothing publicly about it. So the rumor may have a grounding in reason, but it’s not true. We rate this 3 Turkeys.


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