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Trump unveils loophole to build the wall and it has conservatives cheering during shutdown

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Small Government conservatives are celebrating Donald Trump’s new plan to build the wall.


What is it?

Federalism and States Rights.


President Trump told the Texas Governor today that he may just give Texas a Federal Grant for Public Safety and allow them to build the wall with that.

That’s small government at work.


Washington Times explains:


At a visit to the Border Patrol station in McAllen, TexasMr. Trump noted that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had suggested providing the state with “a relatively small amount of money, and they’ll build a wall themselves.”

“I thought that was not the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” he told Mr. Patrick. “Although I still think I can do it cheaper than you. I do like the idea. We’re going to look at a couple of ways of doing it, where you guys get [the wall] up. I like that idea. We’ll take a look.”


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