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Petition to impeach Shumer for delaying Wall Shutdown vote today has just gone viral

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The Senate is ready to vote for Trump’s wall, and ending the shutdown. But they need 60 votes, and the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer are all saying no.

So now people want Chuck impeached. They say he was all for the Wall when Obama was President but changed his tune.

Republicans are getting mad at Chuck Schumer for his liberal ways. In fact, they now want him impeached. Why? Because he is running the Democrats in the Senate and they haven’t even bothered to reopen the government.   Now the petition has gone viral.       Grace Marrero started this petition to We, the people of the United States. and 3 others

NY Senator Charles Schumer’s term is up in 2023! We can’t afford 7 more years of his partisan politics that stifle our government! Senator Schumer,  with forethought of malice,  continues to break his oath of office.  He continues to show the world that he will do everything and anything in his power to undermine the President of the United States by blocking the urgent policies needed to restore our Republic to the safe and free country that is our birthright!

We,  the people of the United States of America demand that Senator Charles Schumer be impeached for his crime of treason against the United States government and that a special election be scheduled upon the removal of Senator Charles Schumer.

Read it here

The unfortunate part of the petition? This may not be able to do anything aside from let people Chuck isn’t popular anymore.

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