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Watch: Antifa activist shot after pulling gun on cops over “Gender Pronouns” in a MIDDLE SCHOOL

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He thought he was a tough cowboy, a tough multi gendered cowboy, and now he’s learned the hard way on what to not do when around a Police Officer.

It was in Eugene Oregon where this incident took place.

From the Daily Emerald:

Landeros, who used they/them/theirs pronouns, led a student protest in October 2017 that disrupted UO President Michael Schill’s state of the university address. Landeros and other protestors characterized Schill as a CEO and said that the purpose of the protest was to “empower marginalized students on campus.”

Empowering people by bringing a gun into a Jr. High???

It gets crazier:

Landeros was a member of Community Armed Self Defense, a group that was created as a “new liberatory and inclusive space for all oppressed peoples to learn about armed self-defense,” according to the group’s Facebook page, which is no longer publicly available on Facebook as of 4 p.m. Saturday.

You’d think if this happened and it was a Republican, the media would be all over it. I bet you reading this on this small blog is the first time you heard about the incident.

By the way, for those of you at home, the Antifa member died.

Either way, you came for the video of the incident:


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