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Never wrong Expert makes stunning Prediction on Trump vs Warren’s map in 2020

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She’s the face of the left wing Democrats in the Senate, and he’s the President.

But who will win?

Donald Trump vs Elizabeth Warren, who will win in 2020?

Well, this expert has weighed in and has discussed what he thinks will happen.

Will it be a repeat of 2012, or 2016, or will Trump surprise everyone and win every state in America?

First we look at the polls. And believe it or not, Trump is crushing most liberals, except for Joe Biden

This is if Coffee Boy is in the mix:

Emerson1/30 – 2/2831 RV3.4494011Trump +9

This is if it’s just those 2, no third parties

Emerson Polling

So what does the expert say, who predicted 2016 down to the state?

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