Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

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Trump threatens another shutdown after Dems offer next to nothing for the wall

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Talks have broken down.

The Democrats offered 1/5 of what Trump asked for the wall.

Now Mick Mulvaney appeared on the news giving America a big wakeup call: Trump is willing to shut down the government again on 2/15

Is it a negotiation tactic from Art of the Deal or is this the real deal?

Chuck Todd asked the budget guru if they will shut down the gov’t

“You absolutely cannot and here’s why; let’s say the Democrats prevail and the hard core left wing Democrats prevail. It was a Democrat congresswoman who put out a tweet yesterday about $0 for DHS. So let’s say that the hard core left wing of the Democrat party prevail ins in this negotiation and it’s a low number for the wall, he can’t sign that.

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