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Pelosi and Dems give Mexico money for their southern border wall

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Democrats crowed about giving Mexico $750,000,000 for their wall.

No this isn’t satire, and this isn’t a joke.

Back in 2016, Democrats, including Pelosi, shook hands with the Mexican leader and gave a news conference.

One shocking detail emerged that nobody mentioned, but is prescient today.

U.S. Rep. Cuellar: “Can I add: this last Congress, in December, we appropriated $750 [million] to help the Northern Triangle countries. Some are going to say to make sure it goes out as fast as possible, but it’s $750 million dollars to address the issues – the core issues that we have. In the past, we also have appropriated money to help Mexico secure its southern border with Guatemala. And again, I think, the message here is we have got to look at it as a regional perspective.  We also have been to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, even Costa Rica with the Cubanos that are coming in largely through Laredo. So what we’re doing is – we want to look at this as a regional approach, work with Mexico and Central America to address these security issues and migration issues.”

This Texas Democrat’s own website says he did this proudly in 2015:

I’d like to thank Chair Granger and Ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, Nita Lowey, for their efforts on this issue and for including this $750 million to support the Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle of Central America, as well as including $100 million to assist Mexico with international narcotics control and law enforcement which is intended to support border security along their southern border with Guatemala and Belize.

So if the wall is good enough to be paid for by us in Mexico, why don’t we get one?

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