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Scandinavian Country’s Government just collapsed over Universal Healthcare costs – Dems silent

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Democrats are silent today after news that Finlands economy and government collapsed into a pile of rubble after their universal healthcare program grew too expensive.

Over 100% of their income went to funding the “Medicare for all” program and now they’re bankrupt.

And yes, their government collapsed.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The government of Finland collapsed Friday due to the rising cost of universal health care and the prime minister’s failure to enact reforms to the system.

Prime Minister Juha Sipila and the rest of the cabinet resigned after the governing coalition failed to pass reforms in parliament to the country’s regional government and health services, the Wall Street Journal reports. Finland faces an aging population, with around 26 percent of its citizens expected to be over 65 by the year 2030, an increase of 5 percent from today.

Meanwhile, Democrats have said nothing.

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