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Fact Check: Is Pence really going to be replaced with Nikki Haley in 2020 due to emails?

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Online today, the internet was awash in speculation that Mike Pence is being replaced with Niki Hayley.

However, this rumors appears to be fueled by two things, an obscure blog post from 2 years ago alleging Pence was conspiring with Paul Ryan to unseat Trump (unproven and apparently false) and a CNN news article that suggested Trump should replace Pence with Haley.

Link to conspriacy theory:

So why does CNN say this?

Well, they think it would be a “smart political move”

They believe that Trump, being “unpredictable” would fire Pence to shake things up, as though he were doomed to losing re-election.

Such unsolicited advice from CNN doesn’t appear to be in good faith, as removing someone like Pence who has been loyal to Trump would be sure to upset many fans of the Vice President.

And Haley? She isn’t the most conservative person to have worked for Trump, not by a long shot.

The article contends that hiring Haley and replacing Pence would be good because she’s a woman. Therefore the only real value they really say is “adding a woman of color” to the ticket would be good, regardless of her political opinions.

Remember how that worked out for Ted Cruz, who unofficially named Carly Fiorina as his running mate as a last ditch effort? Or McCain, who picked Palin for pretty much that reason, only to discard her?

Women won’t be won by such a move.

What do you think? Do you like Mike Pence or would you rather see Nikki Haley on the ticket? Am I totally wrong? Weigh in below.


We rate the claim 5 Tofurkys as false.

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