Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

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Pelosi and House Democrats block Veteran Healthcare Bill

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No healthcare for you.

Democrats have voted to block a Veteran’s Healthcare bill, a VA choice bill that will expand benefits for veterans in a March FLASHBACK

Some say that it’s a plan to simply deny Trump a win:


One Commentor said the following: If you cared about the “quality of life” of veterans, you would have passed that bill. I am an OIF veteran having health issues that the VA is willfully ignoring. I have been having reproductive issues since my deployment, and the VA seems to be actively trying to avoid giving me adequate care. I have a miscarriage due to their negligence at 34. That may have been my only chance to have a child. Two years later and I am still struggling to get issues addressed. I have been a life long Democrat but there have been a series of issues that are turning me away from the Democratic Party. Either allow us to get non VA care or get competent doctors and fix the damn system! We don’t have time for this! People are literally dying. Stop dumping money into a money pit. Most of the VA doctors double dip working both at the VA as well as the Univesity. They get fat checks and know that nothing will happen if they fail to do an adequate job. Choice gives us options for competent providers.  

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