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Liberals claim that wearing Camoflague is racist

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Wear camo? Well if you do, Democrats now think you’re a racist according to some of their leaders.

First it started off on a liberal blog, with one writer asking “is it still okay to wear camouflage?” The respondents said only rednecks, Trump supporters, and alt-right members would wear it.

Now a new controversial Trump hat has come out, and it’s all in camouflage, and is selling for the RACIST price of $17.76

Click here to see the “racist” hat.

Now people are speaking out:

Wearing or not wearing camouflage has no correlation to racism, despite the racist-redneck-wearing-camouflage stereotype.

I live in the American South and personally know multiple kinds of people who wear camouflage— people in a military family who enjoy the practicality and comfort of fatigues pants for outdoor activity, people who wear camouflage for hunting, people who are hunters and have camo hoodies they sometimes wear even when not hunting, and some tween and teen girls who wear camo t-shirts or shorts just because it was something trendy sold in the juniors’ section. None of these people I know are racist. In fact, the people I know to be racist happen to not wear camouflage.

Now, of course, people who wear camo certainly can be racist. But in the end it’s like anything else a person can wear.

Some people who wear jeans are racist, and many are not.

Some people who wear hats are racist, and many are not.

Some people who own cats are racist, and many are not. And so on and so forth.

The racist redneck stereotype is often untrue, and the person-wearing-camo-is-obviously-a-redneck stereotype is even often untrue.

What about when someone wearing camouflage is racist?

That is when it is important to remember that correlation does not equal causation.

Wearing camouflage does not cause one to be racist. Being racist does not cause one to wear camouflage. My dad would be very sad and forced to give up hunting were either of these the case.

So what’s the real story?

Though the fashion industry is notorious for being fickle, there are quite a few trends that have earned the coveted title of being timeless. Among those trends are the quintessential little black dress, various kinds of denim jeans, a pair of killer heels, and now camo clothing, of all things.

But how?

In an industry where swarms of budding fashionistas literally “can’t even” with many new and upcoming trends, how do the camouflage clothes worn by the likes of Honey Boo Boo‘s Mama June and Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson consistently earn a spot in the pages of the most prestigious fashion mags?

Just Camo Magazine (LINK)

Click here to see the “racist” hat.

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